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I'm a 27 year old award winning cinematographer and video creative specialising in esports content production.

I'm originally from Manchester, United Kingdom but I lived in Berlin, Germany from 2017- 2023. I started working at G2 Esports where I was a proud member of the G2ARMY for over 5 years. Working at G2 combined my two favourite things; making films and competitive gaming, all while being able to travel the world meeting incredible people and having amazing experiences, learning from the best and working towards creating the highest quality content for G2's partners and fans.

When I joined the esports industry, I noticed that a lot of the biggest organisations were just making content and not necessarily thinking about why they're making it. I realised that I wasn't satisfied with where we were at and decided to make it my mission to take esports content to the next level, focusing on quality and relevancy, making sure that the videos I work on are on are at the cutting edge of topics the community are talking about right now. This leads to my projects having a tendency to be incredibly ambitious regardless of team size or budget whilst making sure that we can prepare, shoot and deliver while that relevancy is still hot. Maybe one day that's shooting a super secret player announcement and flying to another country with only 6 hours notice for a 24 hour video turnaround or maybe one day that's just exploding a fucking car!


It's that ambitiousness that leads myself to be one of the best the industry has to offer, as proven in 2021 when our G2 video team won the Esports Award for Video Production Team of the Year.

This website is my portfolio to showcase some of my favourite projects. If you want to learn more about me or what I do or you're looking for a creative for your next project and you're thinking that I might be a good fit, please get in touch with me either by email or by following me on social media!

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